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  • Maritime network connectivity - all at sea?

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 16 Nov 2016
  • Over two thirds (around 70%) of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, mostly the oceans. So, when it comes to thinking about universal coverage for wide area networks (WAN), there are some ...

  • Printing, IoT and Blockchain

    Louella Fernandes - Quocirca 10 Nov 2016
  • Does blockchain technology hold promise for print manufacturers in the IoT world? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world of connected devices embedded with software and network connectivity, that ...

  • Why consumers need to care about the IoT

    Clive Longbottom 09 Nov 2016
  • Too many people consider the IoT to be of concern only for organisations. However, the consumer IoT is providing new attack surfaces for criminals - ones that need to be protected sooner rather ...

  • When IT goes critical

    Bob Tarzey 31 Oct 2016
  • Critical IT events are an inevitability for any organisation. However, new Quocirca research shows that effective operational intelligence can reduce their impact and cost.

  • Business Continuity and networking resilience

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 27 Oct 2016
  • Problematic events happen and organisations need to be able to cope when things go wrong. Business resilience has always required organisations to consider many diverse elements - premises, people, ...