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  • Has video conferencing peaked?

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 03 May 2017
  • In some respects, it may have. But before there are panicked responses (or flaming torches and pitchforks) from many across the video vendor sector, let’s look at why this might not be an entirely ...

  • Winning the Domain Game

    Bob Tarzey 20 Apr 2017
  • The domain name system (DNS) is fundamental to providing reliable Internet access. Despite this, many organisations neglect DNS, relying with over-complex infrastructure with poor insight, ...

  • Open for business: Hortonworks aims for open source profitability

    Bernt Ostergaard - Quocirca 19 Apr 2017
  • It used to be the Hadoop Summit, but the strategic focus at Hortonworks the enterprise-ready open source Apache Hadoop provider, has evolved. So, this year it was renamed DataWorks Summit. The ...

  • From ECM to EIM: the need for control

    Clive Longbottom 08 Mar 2017
  • Old-style enterprise content management is no longer fit for purpose. Organisations need to be able to manage far more than a subset of their information assets, and need to reach far beyond the ...

  • Colocation HPC? Why not.

    Clive Longbottom 06 Mar 2017
  • High performance computing (HPC) has not historically been seen as a good candidate for colocation. However, things change - now may be the right time to consider such a move.

  • Growth of mobile-owning individuals drives need for innovation

    Clive Longbottom 06 Mar 2017
  • Small form factor smartphones combined with high-speed wireless networks are changing the way emerging economies operate. It is time for commercial, government and NGO entities to change the ways ...

  • Collaboration - where AV and IT meet?

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 01 Mar 2017
  • There were plenty of amazing products launched and on display at ISE2017 in Amsterdam in early February. But in the background buzz there was a common theme of an industry in transition. While many ...

  • Seclore – DRM 2.0 revisited

    Bob Tarzey 28 Feb 2017
  • Digital rights management (DRM) capabilities are often embedded in third party software products via partnerships agreements. One DRM supplier, Seclore, has made such OEM relationships its main ...