Why we reject large-scale outsourcing

Two senior IT users have spoken about the disadvantages of large-scale outsourcing of IT, in favour of keeping full control in-house.

One is David Tidey, chairman of the Elite group for IT directors and senior managers and assistant chief executive of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. He told an IT audience that the “outsourcing of everything” was in fashion 10 years ago. But he said it may mean losing the ability to cut costs at short notice.

The other is Phil Pavitt, group CIO at Transport for London, who said he’s a “serial in-sourcer”.

“With respect to anyone who comes from any of these organisations, I spend most of my time explaining that the big five consultancies are not the world’s IT experts in my space. They all think they are. I have found that the best IT experience is inside my own IT team.

“Those who know me know that I am a serial insourcer I run things cheaper than any outsourcer can.”

Longer story on ComputerWeekly.Com’s homepage.

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