Tories promise a new era of openness on IT projects

The Conservatives at their annual conference say they want a new era of openness which will put into the public domain the information armchair auditors would need to “crawl over” big IT and other projects.

[It’s a great idea, and the sort of thing shadow politicians say when an election is looming and before they have come into contact with Sir Humphrey.]  Full story on

Says Francis Maude, Shadow Cabinet Office minister:

“We need a fundamental rethink. We need fewer mega-projects; a rigid insistence on open standards and inter-operability; a level playing field for open source software and for smaller suppliers.

“Trust in politics is at an all time low and by making centralgovernment transparent and accountable we can start to fix our brokenpolitics. Greater openness and accountability will improve value formoney and stop taxpayers’ money being wasted.

“We want to unleash an army of ‘armchair auditors’ to crawl over theGovernment’s accounts – ordinary members of the public who will be ableto see for themselves whether their government is really deliveringvalue for money for them.”