Senior executive to leave NHS IT programme


Richard Jeavons, senior responsible owner for service implementation in the NHS’s £12.4bn National Programme for IT [NPfIT], is leaving for a different health service job.

He is the latest in a succession of senior responsible owners to leave the NPfIT. Others who have left include Richard Granger, formerly Director General of NHS IT and senior responsible owner, John Bacon, the Department of Health’s Director of Delivery and overall senior responsible owner for the NPfIT, Professor Aidan Halligan and Sir John Pattison who was the original SRO and who retired.

At NHS Connecting for Health, which runs part of the NPfIT, Jeavons has been responsible for delivering the benefits of the national programme.

Only last month Jeavons was one of the key figures at a press conference in Whitehall to announce details of an annual statement on the costs of the NPfIT. Jeavons was seated next to the minister in charge of the NPfIT, Ben Bradshaw.

Jeavons has been a much respected figure in the national programme. He gives detailed answers to critics without resenting the criticism. And he is seen by senior executives in the NHS as credible, pragmatic and realistic. He is a former chief executive of West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority and senior responsible owner for what used to be called the North East Cluster of NHS Connecting for Health.

He is leaving as senior responsible owner and as Director of IT Service Implementation. In the past he has made it clear that the NPfIT alone cannot deliver everything that is needed. He told NHS staff in the Bristol area that there was plenty of scope for local solutions to local problems and much of the programme was about change management rather than IT, which only local organisations could deliver.

Jeavons has been appointed Chief Executive at the Independent Reconfiguration Panel, which provides expertise on NHS service change.

The Panel was established in 2003 to provide advice to the Secretary of State for Health on contested proposals for health service change in England. It also offers support and advice to the NHS and elsewhere on making changes.

The Panel has announced the appointment of Jeavons on its website where it said it was “finalising commencement dates and a formal announcement will be made in due course”.

No announcement has yet been made on the website of NHS Connecting for Health. Its spokeswoman said an announcement will be made by the Department of Health but she made no further comment. A Department of Health spokeswoman said a statement was being prepared.

David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS, remains as overall senior responsible owner of the NPfIT.


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