NPfIT has put back NHS IT by 10 years at least, says Trust CEO

               NPfIT “may be dead” says head of Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

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Brian James, the chief executive of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, has said the National Programme for IT in the NHS has “put back the contribution of IT in the NHS by more than ten years.”

Speaking at the Health Informatics Congress 2010 in Birmingham, Brian James renamed the National Programme for IT the “NFFPIT – Not Fit for Purpose IT.”

James’s comments are reported today by E-Health Insider.

James said that the national programme had “not only impacted on systems within healthcare but also on the skills of the IT profession to scope and manage projects”.

He added that he hoped that trusts were starting to think about the next steps in their IT strategy because “NPfiT may be dead”.


James’s comments reflect a view within the NHS thatthe unchallenged launch of the NPfIT in early 2002 has proved not merely to have been a costly failure (though not a complete failure) buthas stifled IT-related innovation, except where trusts have goneoutside the programme. 


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