NHS CIO email announces departure of NPfIT head

Article on Computer Weekly’s homepage

“Computer Weekly understands that Bellamy’s job description was not clearly defined. One executive who works in the NHS said that Bellamy had vague responsibilities for everything and clear responsibilities for virtually nothing.”

The Public Accounts Committee should look at its next health-related hearing at how the Department of Health could have appointed two 200k+ IT leaders – Christine Connelly and Martin Bellamy without making Bellamy’s responsibilities – and the limits of those responsibilities – unequivocally clear.

The Department’s recuitment of Bellamy was a costly – and time-consuming – exercise. 

Sometimes the Department of Health reminds me of a parody of a Whitehall administration.  It’s possible to read Franz Kafka’s novel “The Castle” with the DH in mind. The book is about a vast civil service administration that’s an end in itself, and which has nothing to do with the public. The more removed the bureaucracy from ordinary apprehension the better.