Morecambe Bay go-live is "fantastic news" for patients

CSC announced today – nearly a week after it happened – that iSoft’s Lorenzo Regional Care Release 1.9 went live on June 1, 2010, at the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust.

Tony Halsall, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust CEO, was quoted in CSC’s press release as saying: “Becoming the first acute trust in England to implement Lorenzo is not only fantastic news for the trust and our staff, but also for our patients.”

Lorenzo has been rolled out to all of the hospital sites at the Trust — including Furness General, Westmorland General, and Royal Lancaster Infirmary — replacing the existing patient administrative system), and is the “first such deployment at an acute trust in England” says CSC.

The deployment involved the training of over 3,500 staff and the migration of approximately 80 million data transactions to the new system.

CSC referred to the benefits of Lorenzo in the future tense. It said:

“Lorenzo will provide healthcare professionals with access to ajoined-up view of the patient record, improve hospital efficiency andhelp ensure that clinicians can offer the safest and most appropriatetreatment, based on the very latest patient information.”
GuyHains, president of CSC International, said  (perhaps rather vaguely) “CSC’s work is about harnessing technology to support clinicians andTrusts in their drive for change to deliver better care. Going live atthe first acute Trust in the country is a significant step forward.”


“Developing and implementing a program as complex asthis has required a clear vision and collaboration between multiplestakeholders. The Trust has always carried this vision, making a truealliance possible between all key parties — including the Trust, NHSConnecting for Health, CSC and its alliance partners.”


CSChasyet to be paid for the Morecambe Bay go-live. That said, thesupplier has been the only major NPfIT local service provider to haveannounced no losses or serious difficulties related to the nationalprogramme.


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