More NPfIT Lorenzo delays?

A demonstration of CSC/IBA Health’s Lorenzo system was held on 6 November last year at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The local primary care trust reports that:

“… There remains to be a significant amount of development work to be completed in order for Lorenzo to be considered fit for purpose locally…all future dialogue and work with the SHA and CSC regarding Lorenzo deployment plans must be conducted jointly across the Local Health Community.

“The earliest release that can be considered locally is Release 2 which is planned forQ3 2009/10. However, the Board noted that timescales are subject to confirmation and from previous experiences it was anticipated that this would delay into 2010/11.”

As a reader pointed out this week, a project becomes a year late – indeed years late – one day at a time. With the repeated delays NHS trusts should ask themselves: will Lorenzo 2 ever be available in a suitable form? Lorenzo 2 is the equivalent of a full patient administration system.    


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