HP must pay £200m interim damages to BSkyB over failed CRM

A High Court judge, Sir Vivian Ramsey, this afternoon ordered HP to pay BSkyB interim damages of £200m within 14 days.

No decision has been taken yet on the final amount of damages.

The payment order comes after a judgment last month which found that EDS, before it was acquired by HP, misrepresented its capabilities when bidding for, and selling, a CRM system to BSkyB.

Sir Vivian had questioned the honesty of EDS’s main witness in the court case, Joe Galloway.

The judge said that Galloway had been the  “mastermind for EDS’ Response to the ITT [invitation to tender] which was presented to Sky on 1 June 2000 and was closely involved in all subsequent developments”.

The judge added:

“Having observed him [Galloway] over the period he gave his evidenceand heard his answers to  questions put in cross-examination and by me,which have been shown to be dishonest, I also consider that thisreflects upon his propensity to be dishonest whenever he sees it in hisinterest, in his business dealings.

“Whilst, of course, this does not prove that Joe Galloway madedishonest representations, it is a significant factor which I have totake into account in assessing whether he was dishonest in his dealingswith Sky.”

EDS said it dismissed Galloway as soon as it discovered he had lied to the court.

Today’s order by the judge said,

“The defendant[HP,which acquired EDS] shall make an interim payment on account of thedamages to which the claimants are entitled in the amount of £200m by4.30pm on Wedneday 17 February 2010.”

EDS says in response that it is seeking permission to appeal against the judgment.

Aspokesman said: “This is a legacy issue dating back to the EDS businessin 2000, which HP inherited when it acquired EDS in 2008. As theworld’s largest technology company, HP has built a solid reputationbased on strong governance and adherence to the highest ethicalstandards.”


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