Government to review summary care records rollout, says Pulse

Pulse reports today that the Government is to review the Summary Care Record rollout. It says the review was a surprise announcement at the Local Medical Committees’ conference in London.

The announcement may have pre-empted strong criticisms by GPs of the coalition government for announcing last week that it was continuing the summary care records scheme – apparently without a review.

The Chairman of the British Medical Association’s GPs Committee Dr Laurence Buckman told the conference today that the health minister Simon Burns has sent a letter saying that he is to hold a review following GP concern over the Summary Care Records rollout.

The Government’s review will cover the possibility of a change to an opt-in model of consent and also the entire content of the record, amidconcern over security.

This blog has revealed that a report from the University of London willsay that there are inaccuracies and omissions in some of the summary carerecordsuploaded so far. The final UCL report is expected to be published next week. 

In his letter Burns said the Government accepted the need for electronicrecords but not in their current form.

Pulse quotes Burns as saying: ‘We believe that the current processesthat are in place need reviewing to ensure that both the informationthat patients receive and the process by which they opt out are as clearas possible.’

At the LMC conference GPs stopped short of calling for the Summary CareRecord to be abandoned altogether, with 50% voting against in favour of43% who backed the abandonment of the SCR.

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