E-records may be banana skin for Obama - SCR expert

Trisha Greenhalgh, professor of primary health care, University College London, has given a less than ringing endorsement of plans in the US and UK for a national database of health records.  

Greenhalgh was one of the authors of a report last on the NPfIT Summary Care Record. The report was commissioned by NHS Connecting for Health.

Writing in the British Medical Journal Greenhalgh says of US President Barack Obama: 

“I predict that his promise to digitise the medical records of every American within five years will prove to be his first major political banana skin.

“His genes may be half African and half American, but his personal data could never be both 100% shareable and 100% secure.

“And if you place your medical record on a networked computer system in a free market economy you can be sure that there will be someone who wants to sell it–and someone else who wants to buy it.”

Thank you to GP Paul Thornton for sending me the BMJ article.


UCL evaluation of the Summary Care Record – led by Trisha Greenhalgh