Download of ruling on Gateway details on ID Cards and other projects

The Information Commissioner has ordered that the Office of Government Commerce publish the results 23 Gateway Reviews. The ruling covers Gateway Reviews on the ID Cards scheme, the NPfIT and on risky IT-based projects at the Department for Work and Pensions.

It follows a request I made in 2006 under the Freedom of Information Act.

The OGC and the Department of Health last week responded to the Commissioner’s ruling by publishing 31 Gateway Reviews on the NHS IT scheme.

The OGC had decided to release them some time ago but, with the Department of Health, it chose last week to actually publish them, perhaps to  pre-empt any publicity over the Information Commissioner’s ruling.

The Commissioner accepted the OGC’s argument that one of the Gateway Reviews not only couldn’t be disclosed but was so secret it couldn’t be named. The project comes under Section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act which excludes from the terms of the FOI the security services, GCHQ, special forces and other security-related organisations.    

On the order to publish the other 23 Gateway Reviews, a spokesman for the Office of Government Commerce told me it has yet to decide whether to appeal to the Information Tribunal.

The OGC has until 10 July to decide to appeal. The Commissioner’s ruling called for the OGC to publish the recommendations and the red, amber or green traffic light status on these high-risk IT-related projects:

Bichard Implementation Programme [Home Office]  – Gateway Zero
EDRM [Home Office] – Gateway 4
Identity Cards Programme [Home Office] – Gateway 0b
Identity Cards Programme [Home Office] – Gateway 1
Single non-emergency number [Home Office] – Gateway Zero
Single non-emergency number [Home Office] – Gateway 0b
Single Transactional shared services programme STSS [Home Office] – Gateway Zero
Science and Research Group framework contracts  [Home Office]  – Gateway 2
VISOR – National Implementation in NOMS [Home Office] – Gateway Zero
Adelphi Oracle-based financial system [formerly ERP] [Home Office] – Gateway 5

Centralisation of Benefit Processing Project [DWP] – Gateway 0a
Centralisation of Benefit Processing Project [DWP] – Gateway 1
Pension Transformation Project [DWP] – Gateway 0a
WATCH {DWP] – Gateway 0a 

IS DTC Procurement Wave 2 [Department of Health]
IS DTC Procurement Wave 2 [Department of Health]
[Various NPfIT – NHS IT programme – projects which were released last week.] 

Computer Weekly’s application under the FOI Act in April 2006 was for:

“the results of all gateway reviews on high-risk IT-related projects carried out over the past year at the Home Office, Department of Health, including Connecting for Health. and the Department for Work and Pensions, including CSA”.

This is the full ruling of the Information Commissioner on my request. [about 6mb]

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