Crisis management experts at HC2007 Harrogate healthcare IT conference?

An anonymous emailer claims that crisis management experts employed by NHS Connecting for Health, which runs the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT], were seen at one of the more controversial sessions at HC2007, the annual Healthcare IT conference at Harrogate.

The session dissected the NPfIT to discover its strengths and weaknesses. The crisis management experts are said by the emailer to have registered as press delegates. Connecting for Health is employing crisis management experts to work on the NPfIT but it denies they are being hired to do any crisis management on the programe.

If the anonymous emailer is correct, it suggests that NHS Connecting for Health will have discovered some of what was said about the NPfIT at the conference, even though its three speakers – who were each due to give key addresses – were withdrawn at short notice from the event.

The emailer’s comment:

“Perhaps you could frame your questions to the newly appointed crisis management experts (sorry, delete, that is not what they are doing in Leeds); rebuttal team (sorry, not that function now either) – Communications team at NHSCFH – who were seen at Harrogate on Monday gathering views (pity they missed the other good stuff on the other two days) – after all they were badged as fellow ‘Press’ people there.”