Congratulations to Derek Wanless and his team over their findings on NHS IT project

Jean Roberts,who leads the British Computer Society Health Informatics (HI) Forum Policy Group and sits on the general BCS Council, has given a personal reaction to the findings of the latest Wanless report.

Derek Wanless, a founding father of the NHS’s National Programme for IT, questioned in a report published this month [September 2007] whether the NPfIT should continue without an independent audit.

Jean Roberts said:

Congratulations to Derek Wanless and his team, they seem to have been able, from their current (King’s Fund) position, to capture the mood of the ‘service’ in my personal opinion. They have made refreshing suggestions from constructive criticism. These bear consideration at the highest level; sooner rather than later to avoid a ‘blight situation’ re-emerging.


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In 200 years people will look back on this [the NHS’s National Programme for IT] and wonder what the fuss was about – Richard Granger, head of NHS IT

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