Computer Weekly seeks approval from Connecting for Health for three hospital site visits

Computer Weekly has proposed to Connecting for Health, which runs the National Programme for IT [NPfIT], that we visit three of the sites that have installed the Care Record Service system – at Weston, Nuffield in Oxford and the Milton Keynes General Hospital.

The three sites have had some success and some difficulties. It would be helpful for other trusts to know how the problems are being tackled and what lessons can be learned from mistakes made.

We made the proposal for the site visits on 29 May 2007 and are looking forward to hearing from Connecting for Health on whether arrangements can be made.

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I have been trying to find out just what benefit will accrue from the NHS Patient REcord syatem that justifies the £20bn+ cost. It seems it may be of use if I fall ill, on holiday, am unconcious and without friends of family. It would then enable a doctor to see that, yes, I am not a Diabetic thus confirming why I do not have a warning bracely on. Is this realy a justification for £20bn or am I missing something.