CIOs: how to waste money and get fired

From TechRepublic:

 – Waste energy (means electricity rather than walking up and down stairs too much)

– Spend too much on mobile technology

– Don’t allow employees to work from home (saves money on office/parking space and heating/air conditioning. Employees save money on clothes, lunches, and transport; and they often enjoy work more, so they end up putting in extra hours that raise productivity.) company)

– Use consultants when the job could be done by staff

– Hire full-time employees when contractors would be more cost effective

– Make unnecessary upgrades

– Fail to upgrade old, inefficient equipment

– Overspend on hardware [Buying new hardware can save money, but not if you buy too much. Some companies are still not making best use of virtualization to cut capital and operating spending.]

– Waste money on travel expenses.

– Don’t use the training budget effectively



IT Budgets – how to waste money and get fired – TechRepublic

Jason Hiner is the Editor in Chief of TechRepublic. Previously, he worked as an IT Manager in the health care industry.

Also with thanks to Tatyana Kanzaveli – which is where I first saw the post.