A Morecambe Bay NPfIT election special?

morecambe bay.gifiSoft has told the Financial Times that it is “very confident that we have a go-live in early May”.

 It was referring to the installation of the iSoft Lorenzo 1.9 electronic patient record system at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust.

A successful go-live over the bank holiday weekend of 1-3 May – a few days before the general election on 6 May – may be used by Labour as proof that the £12.7bn NHS IT programme is worthwhile after all.

The Department of Health and NHS Connecting for Health are relying on University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay to prove that Lorenzo is a fit-for-purpose NPfIT patient record system that can be installed by CSC at NHS trusts across England, outside London and the south.

Indeed there’s a genuinely diligent effort by executives at CSC, NHS Connecting for Health, iSoft, and Morecambe Bay to go live over the early May bank holiday weekend.

And it could happen.

In the past Morecambe Bay’s directors have wanted to avoid seriousdisruption, and have refused at various times since 2007 to be coercedinto a major go-live of Lorenzo before they are ready.

But it’spossible the board of Morecambe Bay will be worn down by the pressure.They may give in to suggestions that they go live with Lorenzo 1.9 anddeal with any teething problems afterwards.

At Barts and TheLondon and the Royal Free Hampstead, widespread disruption after thepremature go-live of the Cerner Millennium system hit the appointments,care and treatment of thousands of patients.

Morecambe Bay has agood reputation locally. So will it be prepared to accept the potentialfor disruption – and possible accusations that it has treated itspatients as guinea pigs – to go live with Lorenzo before it iscompletely confident?


iSoft toldthe Australian Securities Exchange on 15 March 2010 that it”remains on track for the go-live of Lorenzo Regional Healthcare Release1.9 at Morecambe Bay in accordance with the agreed schedule, contraryto recent speculation in media reports”.


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