Who Hears Hortonworks? Actuate & Dr Seuss

Open source Business Intelligence (BI) vendor Actuate has gone on the tech dating game and formed a new collaboration to match its BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) with the Hortonworks data platform to enable big data visualisation technologies.

The open source iteration of BIRT was the result of another IT “date” as it was developed by Actuate and IBM.

BIRT is said to be able to add “business-intelligence functionality” to applications such as those using the Hortonworks data platform, which in itself an open-source distribution of Apache Hadoop software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications.


“We have dedicated significant resources to make Apache Hadoop more robust and easier to integrate, extend, deploy and use,” said John Kreisa, VP of marketing at Hortonworks.

“Actuate’s collaboration with Hortonworks will ease the transition from Big Data hype to Big Data usefulness,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president of marketing at Actuate.

So this is not Horton Hears A Who, this is Who Hears Hortonworks — time enough for an ode to Dr Seuss anyway…

Who Hears Hortonworks

Do you like big data and Hadoop?

If big data scoops, then it might be Hadoop.

For analysis we could choose a course of open source,

Open source is the course to choose, of course.

Do you prefer better visualisation and better decision making?

I prefer it to poor insight, I prefer it to baking.

Hortonworks distributed processing eats big data, any size,

Intuitive data any size, but from this we must visualise.