Where did you get that open source licensed code from?

Open source software is (of course) distributed (for the most part) under the GNU Lesser General Public License, which grants the right to modify and redistribute the software code itself. There are rules and stipulations covering combined works, combined libraries and conventions covering every element of application structure from object code, to headers and libraries.


But as software application development experiences increasingly more rapid iterations (especially in Agile development environments) – could open source code licensing and compliance get overlooked?

Could open source development be accused of throwing governance out of the window – or will open source itself have the answer?

OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) software for open source usage tracking and license compliance aims to address these concerns.

Built specifically for Agile programming environments, OLEX is described as, “A (SaaS) solution for provisioning, governance, scanning and compliance for open source software.”

OLEX incorporates command line scanning, automatic delta scanning and alert options to automatically inform developers on new open source found so that they can respond and ensure the project stays on schedule.