What to expect from OpenInfra Summit 2022 Berlin

Berlin, according to David Bowie, is the greatest cultural extravaganza one can imagine – it’s a city brimming with art, music, architecture, history and, of course, enlightenment.

The Thin White Duke, an icon himself, knew what he was talking about and as live tech events resume, it’s time to re-enter Berlin’s heady milieu at next month’s OpenInfra Summit.

Dedicated to the open cloud, OpenInfra boasts a powerful line-up of speakers.

These include CERN, – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – Bloomberg, BMW and Volvo participating in 100 sessions on such trends as 5G, confidential computing, security and hardware optimisation. 

Leaders and practitioners one and all, but what can you expect?

Bloomberg is known for delivering news but, sometimes, it is the story. In Honey, I Blew Up the Cloud Bloomberg discusses how it scaled single-cell OpenStack clouds to support more than 10,000 virtual machines with Ceph and patched its Neutron ORM code to tackle API brownouts. 

Bumpy times

But it’s been a bumpy ride.

“With most of our growing pains now behind us, we would love to share with the community our journey and many of the optimizations we found necessary to implement along the way to get us to where we are today,” says Bloomberg’s Tyler Stachecki.

Engineers from CERN – the world’s largest physics experiment – will talk about uninterrupted performance for mission-critical systems. Past, Present and Future of the Storage in the CERN Private Cloud will discuss volume replication, share replication and object integration at scale. The team will also discuss how they mastered – or, at least, managed – their bare metal management platform using Ironic. Watch out for Ironic Operations at CERN: Our Top Five Challenges and How We Handle(d) Them.

Taking it to the edge

Edge remains a maze for many. Blame the complexity of cloud, magnified by the need for better security, development, deployment and management tools over a highly-distributed network. 

Beth Cohen, cloud technology strategist, Verizon will explore how the principles of simplicity and ease of management offered by cloud collide with the complexity of edge. Hirschfeld will suggest some ways out of this maze using open source tools and techniques to address these issues.

Meanwhile, loitering on the horizon is 5G.

Peel back the promise and get the facts with Red Hat’s session Multi-Cloud Observability for 5G. Eric Lajoie and Fatih Nar will discuss the observability patterns you need to manage a healthy and secure 5G Core (5GC).

Zuul hit version 5.0 earlier this year but where are people with this open source Continuous Integration alternative to Jenkins? Step up SaaS ERP provider Workday, who will discuss how it has built one of the world’s largest private OpenStack clouds with more than one million physical servers, 16,000 nodes and five data centers. Workday will discuss its experience of migrating to Zuul from Jenkins.

Picking up the Zuul baton will be Volvo Cars and BMW: the former, using Zuul as its default CI chain, will demonstrate Zuul’s features while BMW steps up with No Gain Without Pain: The Story of Scaling Zuul. The German motor giant will discuss why it chose Zuul, project hurdles and turning points scaling its CI.

Kubernetes security remains a big challenge — every day, it seems, we’re hit with new or previously overlooked vulnerabilities. 

Rackspace cloud architect Nishant Kumar is here to help. His One Stop Talk for Kubernetes Security will provide a starting point for anybody about to embark on their Kubernetes journey, wrapping up everything you need to know about securing the all-important sub-layers of your Kubernetes stack.

SUSE on supply chain

SUSE’s Raul Cabello Martin and Victor Cuadrado Juan turn their attention to securing the ‘modern software supply chain’ – components and containers downloaded from public repos and third parties. Attacks are surging as malware writers poison code or exploit known vulnerabilities. The SUSE duo will explain how to safeguard your code with Enforcing a Secure Supply Chain on Kubernetes.

Finally, there’s the people-driven approach to securing your cloud infrastructure. Red Hat’s Ann Marie Fred will explain how to increase the level of security expertise in your technology team through a formal training program. She will explain how to set up a program, the costs and the benefits – look out for her in Security Champions: The What, Why and How

You can see the full conference schedule here.



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