(We Don't Need This) Android Fragmentation Groove Thang

Nearly 140 European app developers from 20 countries across Europe have written an open letter to the European Commission.

The programmers (they list their names at appdevelopersalliance.org) want the commission to consider whether its investigation of the Android operating system could be harmful.

We’re better now, honest

The developers told the Commission that today’s Android is “much better for developers than it was” in 2008 – 2011.

The collective has credited efforts by Google’s work and others – in response to developer complaints – to harmonise the open-source operating system across devices.

Prior to 2011 manufacturers were customising Android devices to such an extent that app developers were having trouble keeping pace.

The letter was sent to the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, which is investigating Android activities as part of a series of investigations of Google. The letter urges DG Competition to avoid imposing remedies on Google that will harm Android and create hardships on developers.


“When Android was first introduced, manufacturers implemented it so differently that developers relied on sites like androidfragmentation.com to make sure their apps would work” said Friedger Müffke, a professional developer and founder of the DroidCon conference series. “Since 2011, Android is so much better than it was and fragmentation is no longer a worry.”