Veritas & Red Hat buddy up to toughen up OpenStack

Veritas and Red Hat have announced a collaboration aimed at supporting business critical enterprise applications on OpenStack. Essentially, the work here is focused on providing predictable quality of service to OpenStack applications and workloads… and all of that regardless of scale, obviously (because this is enterprise real world deployment, right?).

Enhanced OpenStack

Red Hat OpenStack Platform is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) designed to enhance OpenStack with advanced features needed for cloud environments.

It is a co-engineered solution that integrates Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat’s OpenStack technology. Veritas has selected Red Hat OpenStack Platform to build OpenStack solutions that provide a predictable quality of service with direct-attached storage (DAS) using Veritas storage management technologies.

Through the collaboration, Veritas says it aims to bring the ability to execute data protection tasks through integration with backup software without impacting production operations to Red Hat OpenStack Platform environments.

“Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a leading production-ready OpenStack distribution for enterprises for their private cloud infrastructure. We are working with Red Hat so that organizations can confidently adopt OpenStack for their most demanding enterprise workloads,” added Mike Palmer, senior vice president, solutions for data insight and orchestration, Veritas.

OpenStack traction

OpenStack has gained traction — the 2016 OpenStack User Survey indicates that production use of OpenStack is at 65%, up from 33% two years ago.

Yet (says Veritas) organisations can still face challenges when it comes to executing their traditional, Mode 1 enterprise workloads on OpenStack due to the high performance and reliability requirements. The company asserts that effective storage management that offers the necessary quality of service is a key part of successfully adopting OpenStack for these enterprise production workloads.

“Red Hat OpenStack Platform is in production across hundreds of customers, spanning multiple verticals. We are delighted to collaborate with Veritas to bring enterprise customers more choice and draw on their long legacy of enterprise storage management, resiliency and data protection to help our customers address the performance and reliability requirements of traditional tier 1 workloads running on Red Hat OpenStack Platform,” commented Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager for OpenStack, Red Hat.

ESG analyst Scott Sinclair has underlined this story by saying that the quality of service or ‘noisy neighbor’ challenge is one of the key issues enterprises face as they look to deploy workloads on OpenStack. This collaboration may provide some advancement for toughened up enterprise workloads going forward if all factors play out as the companies here intend.