Ubuntu App Developer Week to run in cyberspace

Canonical is inviting developers to join its at its annual Ubuntu App Developer Week, which is being presented virtually via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from the 11th – 15th April.

Canonical says that there will be a series of sessions that will “enable and inspire” developers by showing off the wide variety of application development tools available on the Ubuntu platform.

Practical in its form, this event is also intended to showcase some applications that have already been created, explaining how they were made.

Ubuntu Week.png

“Ubuntu App Developer Week brings together an community of developers to help them understand and build the apps that excite users and developers,” said David Planella, Ubuntu translations coordinator. “The whole week is packed with interesting subjects, aimed both at new and experienced developers, that shows them how to get started, how to do truly advanced things and showcase those who have come before.”

Highlights are said to include:

 Enabling multi-touch support in applications

 Rapid Application Development with Qt Quick and QML

 Using the Bazaar revision control to track source code history

To join, connect using any IRC client or browser. Simply go to: irc.freenode.net