Tibco sharpens open source cloud-native developer toolkit

Tibco has made a direct developer play designed to drive recognition of its technologies in areas where programmers are looking to build cloud-native applications.

Known for its integration, API management and analytics stack, Tibco (sometimes written as TIBCO for The Information Bus COmpany) has now enhanced TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Cloud Mashery and TIBCO Cloud Events.

All three products make use of cloud-native and open source technologies.

There is now native support for GraphQL: an open source data query and manipulation language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

Tibco says that its Cloud Integration technology is the first enterprise Integration Platform-as-a-Service to provide native support for GraphQL.

There is also news that the company’s Cloud Mashery microgateway now supports ‘event-driven patterns’ through support for the AsyncAPI Project when using Apache Kafka.

AsyncAPI is a means of creating machine-readable definitions for message-driven systems.

Deeper into open source, we also find the new open source Project Flogo streams designer.

Raw data pipelines

Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management and strategy at Tibco says that Project Flogo now offers a web designer — he claims that this simplifies how developers work with streaming data by allowing them to process raw data pipelines using tasks such as aggregations, join streams and filtering.

The company finally notes that Tibco Cloud Events adds commercial support for these capabilities, along with business rules authoring.

This is supposed to enable non-technical business users to collaborate with developers and build applications to identify meaningful events and take the next best actions.

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