Tibco adds extra sauce to open source

Tibco is focused on open source and Agile this month.

The integration and analytics specialist has upped the toolset in a group of its products with a key focus on Agile agility for cloud-native deployments.

The company says it is putting AI inside (who isn’t?) its enhancements to the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform

Matt Quinn, chief operating office at Tibco says that his firm’s vision is that customers should use Tibco as their ‘data foundation’.

In terms of cloud-native, Tibco’s API management software TIBCO Cloud Mashery is available in cloud-native deployments in public clouds, private clouds and on-premises. The company’s Mashery Local Developer Portal is now also available as a fully cloud-native deployment.

Quinn says that IT teams are faced with the increasing complexity of metadata governance — and the firm’s Cloud Metadata tool runs Tibco EBX master data management to address this.

NOTE: Metadata governance is used most often in relation to digital media, but older forms of metadata are catalogues, dictionaries and taxonomies.

Extra open source sauce

The company also continues to develop capabilities to support open source and is weaving more open offerings into its product mix.

The introduction of Tibco Messaging Manager 1.0.0, including an Apache Kafka Management Toolkit, provides a predictive and auto-completing command-line interface (CLI), which aims to simplify the setup and management of Apache Kafka. As readers will know, Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and high-throughput low-latency distributed streaming applications. Tibco Messaging components feature a common management plugin, use a common interface and allow for easier continuous integration and deployment. Tibco Messaging Manager extends the company’s support for Apache Kafka and enables the Tibco Connected Intelligence Cloud platform to take advantage of Kafka for integration, event processing and real-time messaging with historical context.

“In addition, Tibco now offers support for IoT-based machine-to-machine communication via OPC Foundation Unified Architecture in Tibco Streaming software. In support of open-source Project Flogo, Tibco announces the Project Flogo Streaming User Interface. Integrating with Tibco’s existing solutions, the Project Flogo Streaming User Interface lets developers build resource-efficient, smarter real-time streaming processing apps at the edge or in the cloud, improving the productivity of expert IT resources,” noted the company, in a press statement.

Also here Tibco’s AutoML extension for its Data Science software via Tibco LABS facilitates the development and selection of AI workflows. In addition, new Process Mining capabilities via Tibco LABS enable users to discover, improve, and predict process behaviour from data event logs produced by operational systems.

Lastly, to further strengthen Tibco contribution to the open-source community, the company says it has introduced an open source specification in the shape of CatalystML to capture data transformations and consume machine-learning artifacts in real-time for high-throughput applications.

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