TIBCO Jaspersoft: the future app is analytical & information-rich

We know TIBCO for its integration, analytics and event processing software — equally, we know TIBCO Jaspersoft for its embedded analytics and reporting software.

So what’s new at Jaspersoft?


Hot out of the analytics oven this month is version 6.2 of Jaspersoft with new options for graphical and tabular displays.

There are also extensions to the Jaspersoft’s (apparently popular) multi-tenancy support for improved scalability.

What does that mean?

Well, used properly, it means that developers can now build customised reports faster and manage application scalability with greater ease.

Open source community pedigree

The latest features were inspired by user-community input and designed to expand embedded analytics capabilities without further taxing IT or development staff.

“Today, applications require graphical and tabular reports that empower end users to quickly find new information and opportunities. Developers want the ability to build information-rich report configurations as quickly and easily as possible, while providing a modern look and feel for their end users,” said Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO.

“We also listened to our customers building SaaS apps; they are looking for more sophisticated multi-tenant scalability to efficiently manage elastic application workloads without incurring added resource expenses. We built that into Jaspersoft 6.2, making this one of the most advanced embeddable multi-tenant reporting and analytics solutions on the market.”

So how does it work?

Jaspersoft 6.2 is an embedded business intelligence (BI) platform that delivers data and reports within existing applications and business processes.

Its new self-service features include report customisation options for casual data consumers, power users, and IT– effectively extending analytics and reporting opportunities across an organisation.

According to a recent news commentary, the new collaborative functionality allows casual users to easily build and customise their own reports.

If desired, the same reports can be routed to IT for refinement, where greater complexity can be quickly edited at the API-level. Jaspersoft 6.2 also extends advanced multi-tenant support, which is increasingly critical in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models for scaling and managing user bases of all sizes and skill levels.