Rubrik Build open source cloud data management for 'any' contributor

Rubrik has announced Rubrik Build, a new open source community built around the organisation’s own cloud data management platform.

The community created is said to be 100% public and 100% open source — meaning that contributors can use existing software development kits, tools and use cases or contribute their own ideas, code, documentation and feedback.

This new formalised initiative is intended to help developers take advantage of Rubrik RESTful APIs.

Additional details of this announcement include access to SDKs in the Rubrik Github repository.  The firm says that contributors can create new applications, tooling and integrations that simplify monitoring, testing, development and automated workflows.

The company says that it has always built its product around an API-first architecture and so made its API is a first-class citizen.

“Our goal is to establish a community around consuming Rubrik’s APIs to quickly get started with pre-built use cases, quick start guides, and integrations with popular tooling. The Build program was designed with our customers in mind, easing their transition to consuming APIs,” notes the company, in a corporate blog post.

The company also notes that many in the tech community do not come from a traditional software engineering background — and that this can make contributing to open source seem daunting.

Small wins, from anyone

According to the announcement blog, the firm is not daunted by this and is a big believer in ‘small wins’ to break large goals into manageable chunks.

“Over the last few months, I have watched teammates, from Rubrik’s first employee to our content marketing manager, learn and master using Git and GitHub to contribute ideas, edits and updates to project documentation,” notes the team.

Rubrik’s chief technologist Chris Wahl is keen to tweet and discuss contributions.

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