Nylas CEO: the secret to software is data enrichment

There’s a reason why open source is surfacing with so much prevalence at the enterprise layer… and that reason is data.

This is the opinion of Michael Grinich, CEO and co-founder of Nylas — the firm produces Nylas N1, an extensible open source mail app for Mac, Windows & Linux.

Grinich argues that the value of modern enterprise software lies not in code, but in open-source ‘variety integrations’ that enrich data.

The post-cloud era cometh

“There’s a big shift happening right now in enterprise software. I think we’re moving into the post-cloud era. That means our platforms will no longer be defined by where the apps run, but instead defined by something else. That something else is data. The next-generation enterprise software platforms will be all about data and services. Intelligent systems are only as smart as their data,” writes Grinich.

Grinich contends that when data becomes more important than the codebase, you see companies shift their priorities.

“More and more companies are open sourcing the code for their products. The value of these products is no longer just the codebase. It’s no coincidence that the hardest software components — operating systems, drivers, firmware — they’re all open source. It’s easy to imagine a future where healthcare, banking, energy,  government and other large sectors must adopt an open source philosophy in order to adapt and grow,” he said.

Grinich concludes as follows — “If you want a hint to the future of software platforms, don’t think about the app. Think about data.”

Why you will know Nylas soon

Extensions for N1 can be written in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Flux and Electron.

It’s makers insist that Nylas is much more than just a startup trying to improve email. It’s a company that in several years, will look like a data platform, not an in-user application.

The team says it is  diving into how data is interconnected, how it’s shared across people within an organisation and the intelligence behind it.