LzLabs buys Eranea, COBOL to Java migration for software-defined mainframes

Mainframes are dead and the PC has been around since 1981 and any legacy mainframes running systems of record in large scale enterprises need not trouble the modern software application development professional because cloud-centric migrations and mainframe modernisation techniques have rendered all the old mainframe principles now completely obsolete — right?

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, IBM has certainly spent much of the last quarter century still working to produce mainframe units and firms like MicroFocus have carved out sizeable market niches working with mainframe level technologies.

LzLabs software defined mainframe

Also firmly in the mainframe space is Lz Labs with its approach to the software-defined mainframe. The firm’s technology is designed to enable both Linux and cloud-based infrastructures to process thousands of transactions per second… as one would expect from a mainframe.

NOTE:Lz Labs reminds us that some over 70 percent of commercial transactions (many of them via banks) are executed on systems which were built back in the sixties or seventies and still use mainframe technologies.

LzLabs latest move sees the firm acquire the key intellectual property and technology assets from Eranea that enable the conversion of COBOL to Java — again, furthering (hopefully) the mainframe management challenge with features such as ‘mixed mode addressing capabilities’, testing capabilities and enhanced web interfaces.

What does Eranea do?

Eranea’s technology will migrate legacy and mission-critical applications (COBOL or 4GL like Ideal, Pacbase, Natural etc.) 100% automatically to Java and HTML/Ajax. “We transform your mainframe toward an x86 private cloud (OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.) based on Linux,” says the firm.

Following their migration onto the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe, this acquisition will give Eranea customers the ability to transform their application code to Java where applicable.

“The LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe is designed to support major legacy operating environments and languages so that customers can escape the high recurring cost of mainframe software and hardware, whilst preserving their enormous investment in legacy applications, data and business processes. This new environment works without forcing recompilations of COBOL or PL/1 application programs or making complex changes to the enterprise business environment,” stated the firm, in a press statement,

Should a customer require Java modernisation within its transferred applications, this is now possible through Eranea’s automated transcoding software.

“We have enabled COBOL to Java migration for a range of customers who had become impatient with an expensive and inflexible operating model on mainframe systems. LzLabs has taken this capability a step further by providing a solution that can modernise applications more effectively and efficiently once they have been lifted and shifted off the mainframe, and both we and our prospects as well as existing customers are excited about the opportunities this will bring to their businesses through significant cost savings, improved services and added flexibility in their IT capabilities,” said Didier Durand, chairman and co-founder of Eranea.

 Thilo Rockmann, chairman of LzLabs echoes Durand’s comments and says that this acquisition will add a modernisation to Java capability to his firm’s existing offering.