IoT Open Interconnect Consortium, open... but not open enough?

The Internet of Things (IoT) needs standards, this much we know to be true.

As a proliferating variety of devices are now developed and adopted, the data types, application types and network behaviour characteristics will not necessarily all connect, obviously.

The Open Interconnect Consortium

Bodies such as the The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) are working to try and provide us with the interconnectivity & interoperability that we need, but is it enough?

The OIC itself lists (among others) Intel, Samsung, Dell and Cisco among its ranks… a good spread for sure, but is it enough?

After all… many other groups and standards are also emerging in this space such as ZigBee, the Z-Wave Alliance and we should even include technologies like Bluetooth in this list.

Plug-ins, for extra openness

OIC executive director Michael Richmond has tried to keep the door open and explained that there also now exists an open source project called IoTivity which has been developed so that firms with other technologies (including competing ones like AllJoyn) can introduce plug-ins that let OIC products work with other types of equipment.

It’s open… but is it open enough to be all encompassing?

Check back here in five years time in 2021 and we should have the answer for you.