Google VP backs open database processing tools

News from Cambridge (the American one) this week details the (allegedly) “much-anticipated” Riak 1.0 open source database platform from Basho Technologies; so with our anticipation now thankfully quelled and satiated, perhaps we can look at why an OPEN database platform should be particularly suited to managing an interpreting data?

Basho says that the release of Riak 1.0 follows a period of “tremendous growth” in the Riak open source community; although the company fails to back this statement up with a solid set of user numbers.

Basho CEO Don Rippert suggests that Riak’s openness means that developers have been able to, “More easily build and maintain powerful business applications on top of our platform.” He also says that, “Riak has already proven its stability, ability to scale and provide absolute fault-tolerance in a highly distributed deployment.”

Riak user Ty Amell is co-founder and CEO at Stackmob, a mobile applications platform provider. Amell points to possible advantages from Riak’s openness, “New features like secondary indices (which allows a developer to retrieve Riak objects using a simple query) will enable us to build smarter capabilities that add greater value to users of our existing mobile platform.”

Other “cool new” features also include:

• Integration of Riak Search – the powerful search engine built for Riak is now tightly integrated with the core 1.0 package

• Lager – a new, simple and effective logging framework for Riak 1.0

“Riak has already proven to be a great tool for capturing data, regardless of type, volume or environment, in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner,” said Eric Brewer, creator of the CAP Theorem, vice president of infrastructure at Google and member of Basho’s board of directors. “With the features in Riak 1.0, users will have not just a battle-proven database but better tools for analysing and processing the data they capture and store with Riak.”

Open at its core, Riak is of course also positioned (and appropriately priced) for commercial deployment and will be will be available any day now.