Google Trends: Android more popular than iPad/iPhone

Application development for the Android open source operating system and platform is of more interest to software programmers than building apps for either the iPhone or iPad.

This is according to a Google TRENDS Web Search Interest ranking pitching the following three search terms against each other Worldwide, 2009-2012:

• iphone app development,

• android app development,

• ipad app development.

The Google trends graph shows that interest in iPhone and Android development (searches) was near parity in August of 2011.

It also suggests that Android development is now twice as interesting to programmers today as it is for the iPhone, with iPad development shown at roughly a quarter of Android’s heights.

Industry reports suggest hat the big question for programmers may now have shifted from a question of Android vs. iPhone, to a question of native vs. the mobile web.

Cross-platform compatibility and portability will (arguably) be the key deciding factor in the new more mobile cloud based world of software application development.


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You should add iOS app development to that list. Which comes to 29 in December. Then add all the iOS search terms together for a better comparison. All the iOS phrases combined still exceed the Android search phrase which comes to 87 vs 82.
Yup Brian, This is true that Android becomes more famous than iPhone/iPad. However, For doing better comparison iOS should be included in this graph.