Free software testing on USB for students to web developers

A bit of semi-random open source software searching is generally beneficial for the soul and spirit at least once a month. My most recent expedition in this vein led me to find Mantra, an open source browser-based security framework for penetration testing and security assessments.

Mantra then, or to use the original Tibetan script སྔགས, is built/based on Mozilla’s Firefox web browser (so it’s cross platform) and can be taken “anywhere” on any rewritable media including memory cards, USB flash drives and portable hard disks.

According to its development team, “Mantra can be used for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks, which makes it incredible.”

Mantra is part of the Open Web Application Security Project — OWASP.


OWASP itself describes Mantra as follows, “Mantra is a collection of free and open source tools integrated into a web browser, which can become handy for students, penetration testers, web application developers, security professionals etc. It is portable, ready-to-run, compact and follows the true spirit of free and open source software.”

ANALYSIS — As the Mantra team now strives to create an ecosystem for hackers based on browser technology, they will need to be clear on their messages as to the reason and need for testing and why bugs originate in the first place.

This may be the reason for calling the project Mantra and trying to bring a little perception of human behaviour to the deeper themes associated with software testing i.e. as software systems now enter ever more deeply complex constructs, humans have only limited ability to manage complexity — this means that, in complex systems at least, software bugs, defects and errors can never be eradicated completely.

Until we reach coding Nirvana निर्वाण that is of course…