Every step counts, Qt moves to version 4.7.1

It’s interesting to follow a software company’s release programme if you are actually following the incremental steps between the version changes.

The spaces between the ‘point-dots’ so-to-speak generally denote that the first figure is a major iterative development; the second figure is a significant enough step to warrant an upgrade for all but the most casual of users; and the final dot generally relates to enhancements and augmentations that are worthy, interesting and sometimes more useful than might initially appear to be the case.

So it is that the open source driven Qt cross-platform application and GUI framework comes to version 4.7.1 today. But what’s new?

Qt Labs.png

Well June this year saw Qt 4.6.3 arrive along with a new build of the Qt SDK and a new version of the Qt Visual Studio add-in. These were essentially bug-fix releases, based on feedback and contributions from the open source community itself.

Now in November 2010 we come to Qt 4.7.1 and developers can grab the source directly from the public git repository, where the “v4.7.1″ tag matches the content of the released packages.

The Qt 4.7 documentation offering has been updated and a full list of information on what has changed in this release is available on the Qt 4.7.1 changelog.

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Writing on the company’s official blog Jason McDonald says, “One change I want to highlight for this release is the discontinuation of the Qt SDK product, which shipped both Qt and Qt Creator in one package. The new Nokia Qt SDK product, which debuted a few months ago, also bundles Qt and Qt Creator in one package (along with a number of other useful tools). This makes the old Qt SDK rather redundant and we have therefore decided to retire it so that we can put a little extra effort into polishing the next version of the Nokia Qt SDK, which we expect to release before Christmas.”