Developers get open ‘Simplygon’ tech for virtual, augmented & mixed reality

The world has gone deep 3D and even Virtual Reality (VR) headsets don’t make you want to throw up and fall over anymore, mostly. But it’s not even just VR now… to go with virtual, we also have augmented & mixed reality.

As a result, we stand at a point in the industry where more firms working in the 3D space might logically start to push some element of their total IT stacks towards the open source space and the community contribution model that this of course encourages.

This is perhaps some of thinking that has driven Simplygon to offer its core product for free to indie developers and educational or non-commercial organisations.

3D data preparation & optimization

The firm specialises in automatic real-time 3D data preparation and optimization.

Simplygon optimises graphics performance across platforms and is used by more than 80 per cent of top gaming publishers and across 300 AAA titles.

“Simplygon’s polygon-reduction technology has been key to optimising performance on Paragon and other leading-edge Epic games,” said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine. “We’re super-happy that this technology will now be much more widely available to indies, students and academics for free.”

Is AR and VR becoming mainstream?

Simplygon argues that AR and VR technologies are indeed becoming mainstream and says that it is ‘committed to supporting the vision of what’s possible with virtual worlds’ and providing technology to bring it to life.

“Virtual and augmented reality is a major focus for a lot of companies, not just in gaming, but also in areas such as retail, automotive and aerospace,” said Matt Connors, CEO of Simplygon. “Optimisation plays a huge role in further developing content across various platforms. The ability for us to provide a level playing field to developers is a move we believe will change the future of the industry, seeing virtual worlds soon becoming a mainstay in living rooms, retail stores and even offices.”

Additionally to this news, a new Simplygon pricing structure will be offered to small businesses, enterprises and gaming studios to ensure the technology is accessible across industries.