Cube 2: der Über Sauerbraten open source shooter

This is a good week for open source video games, the Cube 2: Sauerbraten multi-player shoot em up has reached its next major release and the game is available for download from the project website now.

This first person old school ‘deathmatch’ style open source favourite now has 45 new maps as well as three new game modes:

• collect

• insta collect and,

• efficiency collect

Players can mess around and get creative with map/geometry editing cooperatively right in-game — and the engine running this beast is coded and designed entirely under the open source ZLIB license.


NOTE: Sauerbraten means “sour roast” in the original German and is a meat pot roast made from beef venison, lamb, mutton, pork and (sometimes) horse.

Downloads are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The Sauerbraten games programming engine supports the rendering of directional sunlight — it is also sophisticated enough to handle reflections on reflective materials such as water, lava and glass.

In addition to the documentation provided (which includes an install guide), a wiki is provided has a lot of useful information for working with the game and engine, contributed by the community, which elaborates and breaks a lot of the information down into more digestible chunks.

If you so wish, commercial support for the game can be purchased from dot3 labs.