Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) continually expands

The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) is an open source software foundation that seeks to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

The team has this summer said that software intelligence company Dynatrace along with Oracle and application delivery platform specialist Ozone have joined the CDF as General Members.

Tracy Miranda, Continuous Delivery Foundation executive director has said that the CDF showcases the power of collaboration.

She notes that members (including CloudBees, Fujitsu, Google, Huawei, JFrog and Netflix) will be working together with the worldwide community to make continuous delivery tools and processes as accessible and reliable as possible and grow the overall ecosystem.

Dynatrace reminds us that it is behind the open source project Keptn, a control-plane for DevOps automation of cloud-native applications. 

Keptn is a Sandbox project with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

“Modern enterprises need to provide continuous delivery platforms that scale across hundreds of teams and that are easy to maintain and extend. Scripts building point-to-point integrations for proprietary APIs won’t enable this,” said Alois Reitbauer, VP, chief technical strategist and head of the company’s innovation lab department at Dynatrace. 

Reitbauer explains that standardized events based on event-driven control planes and services are essential to enable platforms to achieve the requirements of modern, enterprise-scale, cloud-native environments. 

“We are working towards merging Keptn events with standardized CD events from the CD Foundation and are interacting closely with the community to enable the same consolidation in the CI/CD that OpenTelemetry has brought to observability,” said Reitbauer.

Oracle notes that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a platform of cloud services to build applications in line with  the wider Oracle Cloud platform, which in itself facilitates the DevOps model by providing an open, standards-based application development platform.

This platform can integrate with popular CI/CD tools such as Jenkins to easily build and deploy modern, intelligent applications.

“CI/CD is the key to speed and agility for developers. It enables developers to deliver application code faster and with fewer defects and is essential when transforming from waterfall to agile,” said Dan Gerrity, SVP  developer services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Open source technologies such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, Tekton, Screwdriver and Ortelius, which the CDF hosts, help development teams when creating cloud-native, legacy infrastructure, mobile, IoT and bare-metal applications.



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