CiviCRM is SourceForge 'project of the month'

Open source software development and distribution website SourceForge is both a hub, distribution network and community collaboration portal for what is estimated to be 2.7 million developers working on more than a quarter of a million projects.

But with a user base reckoned to be up to 46 million consumers at any one time – exactly how are we supposed to rank what is hot and what is (not so) hot..?


The answer? SourceForge ‘project of the month’ of course.

This January 2011 we see CiviCRM ranking as the highlighted projet du mois. This is a free and, crucially also libre, open source software constituent relationship management solution.

CiviCRM makers describe the software as a web-based, internationalised tool specifically to meet the needs of the civic/public sector – which includes non-profit, non-governmental groups as well as educational institutions, membership associations, government agencies and more.


Integration with both the Drupal and Joomla! open source content management systems gives developers the tools to connect, communicate and activate their supporters and constituents.

CiviCRM includes optional components for:

* Online fundraising and donor management
* Event registration and participant tracking
* Membership programs
* Personalised email blasts and newsletters

You can read more here and also download the 8.9 MB file for the software itself.

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