Canonical got Juju eyeballs for storage

Canonical’s is mixing new potions in its Juju charm store.

Juju is Canonical’s open source modelling tool for cloud software — it handles operations designed to deploy, configure, manage, maintain and scale applications via the command line interface, or through its optional GUI.

The Juju charm store in an ‘online marketplace’ where charms (and bundles of charms) can be uploaded, released (published) and optionally shared with other users.

Recommended charms have been vetted and reviewed by a so-called ‘Juju Charmer’ and all updates to the charm are also vetted prior to landing — there is also a ‘Community’ section of charms that have not enjoyed the same ratification process.

New to the charm store this month is the Storage Made Easy (SME) Enterprise File Fabric charm.

This technology is designed to operations engineers to give them access to Storage Made Easy’s data store unification and governance technology.

“Storage Made Easy’s participation in the Charm Partner Program and the release of our own Juju charm aligns with our mandate to make storage easier to use and secure whether on-premises, or in private or public clouds. This is an important milestone in our partnership with Canonical offering solutions that help customers deploy their applications quickly, securely and at scale,” said Steven Sweeting, director of product management. at Canonical. “We’re also pleased to support JAAS – Juju-as a Service for even faster deployment”.

Juju provides reusable, abstracted operations across hybrid cloud and physical infrastructures. Integration points and operations are encoded in these charms by vendors and the community who choose to be familiar with an app.

Looks like Canonical has Juju eyeballs for storage.

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