Aviation company uses Red Hat virtualisation to keep cabin crew in the clouds

Aviation company Jeppesen has chosen to standardise its business-critical software build systems for its crew and fleet optimisation software on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation.

The company says that it has achieved close to “bare metal performance” during its testing of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization – a term used to denote the underlying physical architecture of a system i.e. in this sense it is used to explain that the system runs as if on an unmodified non-virtualised architecture.


Jeppesen products are crew and fleet optimisation systems built using what the company describes as a method of “continuous integration” in its software engineering process, whereby any new developments to the software undergo continuous and thorough automated testing.

“We cannot afford any downtime of our build systems as this would mean that we cannot provide critical updates and fixes for our customers whose businesses depend on our optimisation software,” said Kalle Kiviaho, systems administrator at Jeppesen.