Acquia: "Social software is now a business imperative"

The “suits” behind Acquia, the company that provides “commercial services” for the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, has this week released a Commons 2.0 social business software solution.

Every aspect of software application development appears to be getting “social media collaboration style” enhancements right now, so what’s so special about this announcement?

Let’s do the so what test?

Commons combines rapidly evolving social web features including activity streams, social networking, blogs, wikis, badges and events with enterprise-class analytics, support and management services to create a pre-packaged open-source alternative to proprietary social business solutions.

So what?

“Social software is now a business imperative, as companies build communities to improve brand loyalty, reduce customer support costs, and increase employee efficiency,” says Bryan House, Acquia’s VP of marketing. “Commons offers enterprises a more flexible, better way to create social community sites at a dramatically lower cost.”

Well, I suppose this is it. This is the USP. This is the way all software development is going. I don’t hear anybody disagreeing.

Commons 2.0 gives organisations flexibility to choose their social interaction style for their community site. They can build a community focused on activity streams and microblogging, create a Q&A environment, or launch a complete social network.

“Adoption of social business software in the enterprise is rapidly increasing. Open-source solutions have a place in the conversation about social business applications,” states Nikos Drakos, Research Director for Gartner. “They should be considered when flexibility and brand control are key requirements, especially when coupled with commercial support.”