9 ways for programmers to sleep better

Can anyone code proficiently or architect a software masterpiece without enough sleep?

Answer: no, of course not.


This Friday March 14 is the 7th Annual World Sleep Day…

… this is where members of the World Association of Sleep Medicine come together and educate the world on the importance of getting enough sleep.

A total of 21% of adults get less than six hours of sleep each night says the organisation.

Cathy Beggan, founder and CEO of Rise-N-Shine, has come up with 10 tried and true ways for software application development professionals to get a good night’s sleep.

1. Avoid chocolate, coffee and red wine in the evening hours. These foods have been known to disturb sleep patterns and digestive tracts.

2. Have an early dinner. Make sure dinnertime meals are finished before 7pm or at least three hours before bedtime.

3. Establish a sleep cycle. It’s important to notice when the body starts to get tired and being able to adjust

4. Keep the lights off. Rays of light from nightlights, hall lights, bathroom lights or even TV.’s can disturb a natural sleep pattern.

5. Relax. Turn the mind off at night is an important component of quality sleep. Yoga and meditation can help turn the mind off after an action packed day.

6. Exercise in the morning. Exercising at night can release endorphins that can keep the body awake for longer periods of time. Releasing these endorphins in the morning or during the day can help give the body more energy when it’s needed most.

Have a nighttime routine.

7. Once a more concrete sleep cycle has been established, creating a nightly routine can help prepare the body for rest.

8 Read a book. Watching T.V. in bed can sometimes stimulate the mind so choose something that will wear the mind out, like reading.

9. Close your eyes. Sometimes the first step to falling asleep is closing your eyes and allowing yourself to rest.