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  • Cisco Serves It Up To Competition

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 18 Mar 2009
  • Remember the days when IBM tried to rule the world?Now, everyone seems to be trying to get in on the act, with Cisco being the latest this week to decide that networking alone is not enough. With ...

  • Lies, Damn Lies and Green-Washing

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 11 Mar 2009
  • Interesting to see a little Cisco video up on its website: CISCO video It talks about "green" networking being basically a load of b******s - "just paint a switch green and you have green ...

  • Mobile Phones - How Good Are They Really?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 06 Mar 2009
  • By one of those excellent fates of timing, I had a comment sent in by Paul Fennemore of Businesszone UK about mobile phone testing and a technology his company has, called m-Test. The same day as ...

  • Networking Derailed...

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 06 Feb 2009
  • So Cisco is the latest of the networking giants to start shedding jobs; 6,700 to go, starting with 2,000. Cisco's points to the change in networking and the emergence of cloud computing as a ...

  • The New Digital Britain

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 29 Jan 2009
  • So, you're all probably aware of the report that was issued today by the UK government, titled: "Digital Britain - The Interim Report". Having spent this evening wading through the report ...

  • ProCurve ONE: Cream Laced With Alcohol

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 28 Jan 2009
  • Just back from a ProCurve press event in Chantilly, where we had dinner in the simply magnificent Chateau de Chantilly: So ...

  • 2009 - A Virtual Year?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 20 Jan 2009
  • I was alerted recently to an interesting conundrum that is VMworld 2009. This is an exhibition, hosted by VMware, taking place next month in Cannes - and you can take a stroll around the virtual ...

  • Down, Down Deeper And Down: The fate of Nortel

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 15 Jan 2009
  • Rock bands are incredibly good at re-inventing themselves. Think of Led Zep's mega-successful O2 gig a year ago, Status Quo back on tour this year, the likes of Deep Purple, Stones etc , all still ...