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  • Guy Kewney

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 13 Apr 2010
  • I was saddened to hear about the death of fellow IT scribe and long-time acquaintance Guy Kewney last week. Guy and I go back 20+ years - when I came out of the world of IT networking and went into ...

  • Update From Fibrous Andorra

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 22 Mar 2010
  • Hola from the land of melting snow and enlightened fibre.Had a problem with my termination equipment (no, I don't mean death devices, I keep away from superbikes and stick to my old Scooby) that ...

  • Magical Storage?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 03 Mar 2010
  • IT is often accused, and rightly so, of being too "dry".Some - well most - of the industry just begs to have to proverbial taken out of it. So it's good to see my storage mates Isilon - and ...

  • Back to Basics and Back Biting...

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 19 Feb 2010
  • In IT it's all too easy to get carried away with smart tech and the attack of the mobiles and other stuff that encourages us to forget about the basics of looking after networks and storage - ...

  • Mobile World Congress? Let's Start With Netevents...

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 16 Feb 2010
  • So - MWC 2010 is currently on in Barcelona, but I was actually down there last week at Netevents - - speaking on a couple of Cloud Computing panels.The Cloud then - hype or ...

  • Qtn: When Is An Ethernet Switch Not An Ethernet Switch?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 05 Feb 2010
  • Answer: when it's a power supply.Just released the latest test report for HP on its ProCurve 2520 Ethernet switch - - and the point of interest ...

  • How Many 3G Dongles Do You Need?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 27 Jan 2010
  • Travelling Cross Country (in the train sense too) today twixt West of Yorkshire and Abingdon for a meeting; as ever lots to do, report adds/changes, presentations, emails to send and receive. So, ...

  • Is No News Really Good News?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 15 Jan 2010
  • It's the middle of January now and, since snow and tragic earthquakes do not qualify as mainstream networking news, I've been patiently waiting for some news to appear in the networking world so ...

  • Snow Kidding - I come back to ski season and FTTH... Plus Wine!

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 23 Dec 2009
  • Back from yet more travels.Escaped the UK just as the snow started to fall. Got back to Andorra to a sparking sunny day... it didn't last - heavy snow fell during the night and hasn't stopped much ...

  • What Cost An Enterprise Firewall?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 23 Nov 2009
  • Networking products and services typically have three stages in life - technology, commodity and freebie. Then a slow, lingering death.In the case of the firewall, the "personal" edition has been - ...

  • ZeroCom

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 12 Nov 2009
  • So it looks like the end of another era - that of 3Com - with the announcement that HP is buying what was once THE shining light of Ethernet(working) for $2.7bn. Even if the company that the French ...

  • Load-Balancing With That Tyson Feeling

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 09 Nov 2009
  • Following David Haye's Goliath-conquering exploits at the weekend it would be no surprise to see Mike Tyson attempt to come out of retirement once again, seeing a heavyweight champion whose head he ...

  • That Bloke Mal Ware Is A Real Threat

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 28 Oct 2009
  • Was chatting with Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro about the, er, no pun intended, trends of malware and other threats earlier this week.Rik highlighted the seemingly exponential growth in ...

  • Making The Point To Point

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 21 Oct 2009
  • No, we're not talking bizarre, middle-of-nowhere horsey meetings here but wireless broadband.

  • How Trendy Clouds Can Minimise Your Ether Footprint

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 14 Oct 2009
  • Cloud Computing - all marketing guff or reality? And, if it is the latter, then is it really the future?