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I know I’m an old bore, in that I keep banging on about certain stuff, but I’ll continue to do so until that stuff happens as I want to see it.

One such example is the software world and notably in the realms of network managment and Helpdesk or ITSM to use its modern moniker. I know that people’s thought processes are changing and expanding to look beyond the obvious – two examples I’ve witnessed this year are with my mates at NewNetTechnologies who’ve kicked CiscoWorks out of two major customer sites – National Grid and Port of Felixstowe – in favour of their own far more adaptable (and miles cheaper) software and so I’m looking to continue this process in the ITSM world.

Old Helpdesk software is, frankly, rubbish, so I relished my latest voyage of discovery with Sunrise Software’s Sostenuto ITSM product. I say product, but really it’s a platform with an ITSM application sitting on top – in this guise at least. The reality is that companies can no longer deal in 5-10 year fixed business plans; 5-10 minutes is more like it. So how can they expect 10-year old (and then some) technology that was designed around the longer-term planning to actually be of use in 2009, Eco-crisis or not?

Instead, Sostenuto ITSM lets you service-manage in a way that reflects your business model and methodology, rather than forcing you down the path the software developers created with their own vision of how everything from raising alerts to trouble ticketing happens. It’s much the same approach as taken by the previously (in this blog) lauded Thingamy in the enterprise software world. And it works.

Moreover, Sostenuto ITSM goes way beyond the other limiting factor in this market – b****y ITIL compliance. But that’s another rant for another blog…

Anyway, anyone fancies a read-up on Sostenuto ITSM should check out my report on the following link:

There might even be the odd joke or two thrown in.

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I'll have to say, I still like my Web Help Desk for ITSM. What a fresh approach and UI. Also, it's ITIL configurable without putting the ITIL-handcuffs on us! :) Looking forward to your blog rant on ITIL!!! ;) Cheers!
Agreed. The big boys have had their day in the helpdesk software market, with their over-priced, old technology. Good riddance to them I say! We're starting to get a lot more enquiries from companies ditching large systems in favour of targetted, modern software that doesn't come with the huge company overhead, and a team of consultants - just to do an upgrade.