Wrong Kind Of Snow Or Wrong Kind Of Web Browser?

Prior to leaving Andorra on yet more travels (timing!) 10 days ago, had a very interesting ex-pats discussion in El Moli in Andorra over the difference between the snow in Andorra and the UK. We reckon it’s all down to the snow quality – in the UK it goes slushy, then slush turns to ice, turns to black ice. In Andorra it’s fluffy and then hard, but hard snow, not ice…

Anyway – I digress. Working onsite this week in London (never seen it quieter – lovely…) with AppDNA wot develops software that advises on compatibility between different OSs and browsers for your apps etc. They are currently running a beta test program for their IE8 compatibility app and I’m pre-testing the product, concept, everything basically. So, if you’re interested keep checking this blog and talk to me about your own experiences.

I’m starting with our own website – basically it’s designed for any web apps, not simply websites but it’s a nice starting point. Currently capturing data for analysis, will let you know what it makes of www.broadband-testing.co.uk – update soon and more on this over the next 48 hours; just 72 compatibility checking hours til Christmas…