Windows 7 In Big Demand - "Surely Not?" Says Vista User - Me!

A report last week said that 10% of Windows users are already Windows 7 users.

Is that already more than Vista achieved (allowing for all those Vista users who reverted to XP)?

Anyone who has suffered Vista will appreciate the benefits of Windows 7; the problem is, once again we have the issue of knowing whether or not your old apps will work with the new desktop OS. London-based AppDNA has released a video discussing said problem (if you look on the Broadband-Testing website at you’ll find a report from Jan 2008 on AppDNA’s AppTitude app migration tool).

The video – The Road To Windows 7 Parts I and II – is hosted by CWs very own Cliff Saran, looking all the fitter for his autumn regime of running – with me as coach, of course, extending to right hand technique in the pub afterwards – that he has since bravely kept up through the winter. In addition to AppDNA CTO Paul (“Hey Paul, you’re S. African, do you have any spare World Cup tickets?”) Schnell, the videos feature chaps from HP and Microsoft – check out how geeky the Microsoft guy is…

Among other points of interest in the videos – which you can find at: is the scale involved here in trying to manually check migration suitability; we are talking in excess of 110,000 known applications to check against for compatibility. Add in those in-house developed apps and on a per company basis the migration issue is clearly massive. Maybe that’s why people traditionally only changed their OS with their change of PC/laptop. However, Vista has kind of made people’s minds up for them. The more interesting question is whether all the XP users will be prepared to make the move. Recent research from Forrester suggests that around 42% of the XP user base is stalling indefinitely.

The second part of the video covers areas such as hardware readiness, security/access control changes potentially playing havoc with app compatibility, integration of MS apps (never the “given” you think it should be)  and whether the next gen desktop will be one or several OSs.

The “V” word – Virtualisation – is key here of course, and a primary reason for using AppTitude. AppDNA claims a 3-5 times ROI using its software in terms of time saved and, based on our last review of the product I can believe this. Hoping to get a play with the new version of AppTitude in the very near future so watch this space on that one…