Virtual Time Travelling

I couldn’t help noticing that Microsoft – in a bid to compete with VMware’s new world of Cloud Computing (i.e. new take on old variation) – is offering live migration with its hypervisor on a newly available download of…. “Windows Server 2008 R2” – and I could have sworn it was 2009…

So anyway, the new release will enable you to migrate between two CPUs from the same source vendor (e.g. Intel – ths slightly poorer Intel that us, thanks to the EU) even if they are different models. Wow eh, progress…

The big question is – who is simply playing with virtualisation and who is really making it stick? VMware has no other option – virtualisation, sorry – the cloud – is its only world. Microsoft, on the other hand, has nothing clearly obvious to gain in the move from real to virtual – environment, product and profits.

I guess the same thing applies to the users – who is simply piloting and who is already reliant on a virtual world, whether in the data centre or outwards from the edge? The reality is that the various layers of virtualisation do now actually work, so the “hype” in hypervisor is less so than it once was. With Cisco also getting further into the “cloud” it seems there is no way back.

But with the ‘net still spectacularly less than perfect and feeling the strain ever more daily, fundamental backbone providers such as BT leaking profits faster than an American car manufacturer and spending cuts abounding, surely something is going to break at some point and that could be a pretty irrepairable break when it happens.

Batten down the hatches chaps.