Virgin 50 meg Broadband - Hows it going?

I know, it’s been an age, and I have been very remiss. So how have things been going for me and my super fast connection?

Very well, I have to say. We connect with 4 computers in the house. 3 Macs, and 1 PC. Sometimes it’s 2 Macs and 2 PC’s – as my MacBook had a small attack of the Bootcamps and now can run Windows.

The Bootcamp experiment was a good one actually, as it meant I got to check out one fo the big tweaks that not very many PC net users know about, and one that is very important for 50 meg broadband speeds – without it you literally aren’t going anywhere. DrTCP is a handy little app that will help you tweak your connection – I literally went from the depth of 12-15 meg to a stonking 44meg with this.

I am pleased with the service, and I intend to keep it. It’s dropped me a total of 3 times for an ave of 3 minutes 3 times in nearly 3 months, and when I compare that to my old BT service, well it’s not something I want to go back to.

I rarely get 48meg or above, but I very often get 35-43meg, and that for me for a service like this, in it’s early days, is more than acceptable.

Will I recommend this service? I do and I have, but with a few caveats:

Do your research

Don’t expect 50 meg every time you use it – but do expect around 40 and up

Understand that a lot of sites on the web simply cannot serve pages to you as fast as you can now download them – this isn’t Virgin’s fault!

Until everyone in the country can get this – you are an early adopter – expect the odd burp – you are on the bleeding edge of technology here, cutting down the long grass in the digital frontier – expect the unexpected, and you will enjoy the ride.

I put my Virgin 50 meg through an awful lot, large uploads of .mov files to dropboxes all over the world, downloads of beta virtual worlds, lots and lots of streaming video and audio and heavy duty virtual world use (they eat bandwidth for breakfast).

Virgin has stepped up to the plate and more. I think their network is more stable than their copmpetition (not that they have any at this level at the moment), and more stable than the traditional high end business broadband I have had to use in my line of work to get a good less traffic shaped connection.

Bravo Virgin, as well as being voted one of the top in customer service, I think you are well on your way to becoming top of the pile in ISP’s as well.

Thanks for letting me test, and thanks for letting me be on the bleeding edge of broadband tech in the UK.